Body Works for Individuals & Couples

Bodywork usually refers to massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral treatments and other modalities used to restore a body to it’s most unique state of vitality.  Inspired by those practices, I offer a creative expression/creative movement -based approach to the “body work” of living fully and dynamically in your body. Your body can become your own work of art--conveying beauty and vitality to others, keeping you curious and energized.

Elements of sessions will vary depending on whether you wish to focus on Body Acceptance, Creativity,  Sensuality, Intimacy, Sexuality, or some combination of those.

In general, Body Works are for

--Those wishing to heighten their sensations, accept their bodies, and move with more confidence or pleasure through the world
--Singles struggling to negotiate body-image as it relates to sex and dating.
--Couples looking for alternative solutions to sexual problems or lack of everyday intimacy.
--Seniors wanting to reclaim their juicier erotic life
--Women who want to go beyond the movie and TV scripts of how their bodies should be
--Those with chronic pain/illness who know that sensuality and erotic learning can lead to relaxation and wellness
--People with disabilities or social differences that have limited access to intimacy and dating
--Men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation concerns
--Women with issues around orgasm
--Woman with trauma/issues during and after pregnancy
--People with barriers to finding their identity in the LGBTQIA community.
--People navigating gender transition
--Adult virgins
--Entrepreneurs, artists and other catalysts who draw a strong line between their sensual intelligence and their career
--Spiritual, self help, and naturalist groups who want to explore holistic sexuality

Sessions can consist of
--Journaling and other creative writing exercises
--Sensory awareness exercises
--Meditation and breathwork
--Orgasmic Yoga
--Masturbation Coaching and Witnessing
--A guide to heart/genital integrated touch practices (like tantra)
--Research projects designed just for you
--Communication exercises
--Massage table, coconut oil, fresh fruit and tea, showers and towels
--Nudity, if agreed upon

Sessions can be in person and one-on-one, as couples, or with groups. Sessions can also happen via Skype or FaceTime, if I am not in your area or if you feel more comfortable approaching the subject matter from the comfort of your own home. We can meet at a local cafe just to get know each, prior to our first session.


Groups can contract with me to design a course that fits their interests at their chosen location. Individual in person sessions are held at my private studio in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. I am available to travel to you anywhere in the country for several day intensives.

[Collage by Gabriel Anthony]


One 15 minute free phone consult to begin.

$80.00 for individual sessions of 1 hour, $100 for couples.  
Groups negotiable.

Sliding-scale is always available for seniors and person with disabilities.

Please answer the questions below and send them to me vis email so I understand a little more about you. If this is not possible, we can go over them as part of our first session.

  1. Name, age, city/stae, best times to reach.
  2. Gender, sexual orientation.
  3. Married, single, divorced? Please feel free to describe your relationship status.
  4. Do you have any health concerns? Are you on any medications, and if so, what type?
  5. Religion or particular spiritual beliefs?
  6. Do you have any fitness or movement practice? Yoga, lifting weights, walking, etc...
  7. Do you have any concerns about your sex life? Do you feel stuck, dis­satisfied, or are you experiencing physical dysfunction in or emotional  distress about your sex life?
  8. Do you masturbate and how often?
  9. What kinds of sex do you have and how often?
  10. Share something about your erotic imagination. What turns you on, what excites you? What do you find sexually attractive in another person
  11. In terms of just general intimacy, do you have others in your life who help you to feel supported, comforted, or understood? These relationships can be familial or platonic.
  12. Think about a time you felt very alive to your body--apart from a sexual time. A time when you felt pleasure, comfort, or a rush. Please describe.
  13. What is your intention in seeking out this service? A sexual issue? To improve your dating life or marriage? To become more open to your own sensuality, more positive about your body? Please describe.

Amber DiPietra is not a medical doctor or licensed sex therapist. She is certified in California, Canada, and several other countries as a somatic sex educator. In Florida, she practices as a life coach with a focus on creative expression, intimacy and body ­positivity. Sessions with Amber DiPietra/the body poetik  are not a one­-time solution. This service is most beneficial over time, through repeated sessions, classes, or groups.

Embodied Writing Sessions for Individuals

These body work sessions are specifically for writers, artists, actors, musicians, business developers. And anyone who has something to say, a story to write, a presentation to give. The idea is that I act as a writing coach and/or editor with a focus on how your relationship to your body, your body's history or future, constitution ro appearance, affects the way you tell the story you are trying to tell. Think of it as a body -based approach to writer’s block. This work does not have to happen on a massage table, it can happen fully clothed, with pen or computer at hand. I can read your draft first and then begin the body work with you after that, or we can begin with the embodied approach to generate your writing. Please ask me about rates.

Examples of embodied writing sessions

One of my clients is working on a self-help memoir for black men going through break-ups, written in casual guy-to-guy language.  

Another client is developing a version of The Vagina Monologues that tells the stories of women with disabilities.

Please call or email if you are interested in embodied writing sessions.  415-867-1124

If you are more interested in a class or reading group setting to grow your writing, click over to my Classes and Events page.

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