Amber DiPietra, a short disabled woman in an old-fashioned 1950's blue and white bathing suit drives a mobility scooter across a stage. Behind her is a projection of Sunaura Taylor's painting, Self-Portrait with Manatee.

I have shown my performance art pieces at venues like the Musuem of Modern Art San Francisco, the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, and the Tampa International Fringe Festival. 


My 35 minute, interactive poetry and movement -scape, the Opposite of Evolution Dance Studio, was comceived as an ekphrastic to Sunaura Taylor's painting, Self-Portrait with Manatee. She kindly let me use her image in the background porjection and in the show postcard. The show premiered at TIFF in 2018,  I performed it in 2019 at the Eco Arts Think/Act Tank in Ypsilanti MI, and it was shown again in 2020 at Rollins College in Orlando, FL. After Covid restrictions abate, I hope to bring the experience to your town!

Cover image of the poetry collaboration Waveform, by Amber DiPietra and Denise Leto. White cover with 4 smaller photos grouped into a box: the upper left is a black and white MRI scan of a brain and the upper right is a close-upp of a tattoo on white skin, inked in green and gold lines;the lower left is a red cabbage cut open and the lower right is another black and white MRI scan of the same brain froma different angle.

Waveform (Kenning Editions 2011) my book with dear paisana and fellow disabled artist Denise Leto. is a long conversation in poetry. We meditate, deliberate and list on about chronicity and floating in disabled bodyminds, relationships to the sea, and suspended life. 

Cover of the anthology Beauty Is a Verb: the New Poetry of Disability. Photo of a woman in a wheelchair sunk to the bottom of a pool, blue water all around her, she is wearing fabulous goggles, and her long dark hairing is swirling above her.

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