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Breaking narratives open, extracting cadence

In 2006 and much of 2007, I edited and ushered Bhanu Kapil's book Humanimal (Kelsey Street Press) book into the world. The book uses the true materials or documents regarding wolf-girls who were "corrected"--both physically and mentally by colonial missionaries in India. Technically, BK's book has nothing to do with disability. For me, it opened my body to my own disability in such a way as to align it with what I most want to discover in my own writing. Her ideas about the human, the animal, the body, the monster, healing and brokenness continue to draw more energy into my my work as a disabled poet--as if she were doing bodywork on me from afar.. Bhanu's images and sentences partially lead me to start Write To Connect. Here is Bhanu in a recent post on her blog: Performance notes:  Cadence allows the writer to tolerate the narrative she has written.  December is for healing.  January is for burning up. I have one reader, right now, in the Cote D'Ivo

Give yourself the gift of restorative writing

Write To Connect—life writing workshops  in the disability community Write To Connect means restorative writing , an experience of the body being met in words and artful experiment, an experience of opening and moving in new ways through writing. Use Write To Connect -- as a way to reach new spaces -- as a friend builder -- to focus your communication skills -- as a path towards more meaningful work -- to let go of old ideas  -- to find new forms for your voice or vision This class is designed for writers and non-writers of all (dis)abilities. Emphasis is on exploring new processes, instead of putting out written products. The dates for the next series are January 8, 15, 22 and 29. These Saturday workshops will happen at the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco from 12 – 2pm. $5 - $15 suggested donation per class. No one turned away for lack of funds. Contact Amber with questions. RSVP by January 2 ! Write To Connect: life

Next Write To Connect workshop starts January 8th!

Everyone is at least a little bit afraid of writing. Even novelists, poets, and professional writers experience some dread in front of a blank screen or page. But everyone feels the thrill of risk and surprise when they find just the rights words to carry their voice. Through fun and unconventional experiments, Write To Connect can help you expand and clarify your voice in writing. You can use Write To Connect classes to focus on creative or practical writing, such as: * personal statements for jobs and self-advocacy * social media to meet new people and express viewpoints * poems and stories to give shape to your imagination Take a Write To Connect class! Where: LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 214 Grove near Civic Center BART. When:  4 Saturdays in January (January 8, 15, 22 and 29th) Class will be from 12 noon to 2pm. How: Bring something to write with (laptop, slate and stylus, pen and paper, etc). $5 to $20 per class, suggested donation. No one turned a

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