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My friend Sadie--storytelling through images and maps

My friend Sadie and I finally got together to do a work/art share—a sort of lovely storm of ideas, all flickering between us. She visited me at the LightHouse for the Blind as I was finishing up my work day and I told her about our Braille map projects and the talking BART maps with the speaking pen, which are underway. The, over coffee, I filled her in on the beginnings of my freelance work, Write To Connect. Sadie is currently artist-in-residence at Oakland Children’s Hospital. In addition, she is leading workshops for high schoolers at Zeum Children's Museum in San Francisco . The Zeum project involves taking kids in underserved areas of the city like The Bayview and The Tenderloin and having them first, give a tour of their own neighborhoods and then, make their own maps. The map becomes a rendering of their neighborhood and how it reads to them. This means designating and depicting, in words or images or audio, their own unique landmarks. Sadie wants to incorporate in the exh

Fabled Asp Retrospective

Fabled Asp has established a unique storytelling tradition in the disability community. Check out their retrospective at SF Main Library! 40-year retrospective of Fabled Asp on view in the Main Library, Sept. 18-Nov. 21, 2010 For the past 40 years, San Francisco Bay Area lesbians with disabilities have been at the forefront of political, artistic and cultural change. Despite these significant accomplishments, most of this history has not been documented in any archive and is in danger of being lost. Celebrating Fabulous/Activist Bay Area LEsbians with Disabilities: A 40 Year Retrospective, on view Sept. 18 - Nov. 21, in the Skylight Gallery and the James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center at the Main Library, celebrates the contributions of disabled lesbians from the 1970s to the present. This exhibition and many of its related programs take place at an important time this fall when October honors Disability Awareness Month and the recently enacted Disability History Week in Califo

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