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Write To Connect will give two body poetics workshops at Rose Manor, residential treatment program for women.

At the invite of the Tampa Arts Council, Write To Connect will be offering two body poetics workshops--May 24th and May 31--at Rose Manor/Tampa Crossroads , a residential treatment program for young women. I am really excited to meet these women and be a part of their transformative  journeys. Many of these women have been " sentenced" to this program, as an alternative to prison and/or loss of their children.  In our W2C class, we will work on what it means to reclaim our own "sentences", the sentences that flow from our physical and emotional impulses and true heart rhythms, the sentence that stagger or dance out of our mouths, on to the page, in community--the new and different sentences we can use, creatively, to remake ourselves and dream our futures.

Write To Connect now offers classes at arts therapy center in Tampa!

Write To Connect is happy to be working with TPAC, a new physical/occupational/speech therapy and arts center for people with disabilities. W2C will be offering two classes, as posted below, on Fridays. One if for kids and the other is for adults--in both, we use poetry to create dance, art and find new ways to be in our bodies and use our voices. Please see the info below to sign up.  TPAC seeks to transform lives through adaptive arts education. Many thanks to Lourdes and Mattie for inviting me to work with them! Write to Connect: Body, Mind, Poetry What Class is About: In this class, we will listen to/read poems and use them as inspiration to tell our own stories, make dances, create visual art, and more. Writing, while encouraged, is not required. Think of this as an adaptive yoga class combined with poetry. This class is designed to help you be a more creative, confident communicator and also, to find more beauty and possibility in

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