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Longing to bring a little of Naropa University in Boulder CO to the Tampa Bay Area

I want to bring a little of what is offered at Naropa University in Boulder, CO to the Tampa Bay Area. A Buddhist-founded, beatnik-run, environmentally conscious, transformation-based, waking-up-to-the-present liberal arts learning community. My collaborators and I were part of a conference in which poets, performers,  and thinkers featuring presenters on mothering, dirt, trash, and radical ways of being in touch with the body. My current focus with the body poetik is liberated sensuality/sexuality and creative expression consulting. However, the current of what I offer runs through death, aging, disability, motherhood, man-formation, brain differences, and more.  Here we are, at Naropa. Lisa Gil and other attendees, being sewn together by a gossamer thread, at The Sewing Is Writing panel. The metallic thread, which ran through some clothing item attached to the body of every audience member--it pulsated. We looked at the slides of brain scans belonging to the presen

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