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W2C Loves Violet Juno

Thanks to Words and Deeds, I had the chance to learn about magical props from Violet Juno and roll around with Harold, mapping vast silliness. Violet has made me want to discover performance art again -- to think about its shape for myself and W2C. Check her out:
Since Violet Juno was 13 years old, she has lived with chronic pain 24 hours a day from head to toe.  Early on, art was one of the things that brought her joy in spite of the pain.  She wanted to read the next chapter in the book, listen to the end of the song, and watch the second act of the play.  At 17, Violet was misdiagnosed with a terminal illness and told she would not live beyond 21.  Although it was a mistake, the experience underscored that nothing is guaranteed in life and galvanized her to go to art school. Violet began by making sculpture but very soon began to perform with her sculptures and create videos and performative paintings.  In the process, Violet discovered that art has the power to not only bring joy an…

Artist Lecture: Riva Lehrer @ UC Berkeley

I want to go to this, but I can't! Someone go and report back at the next W2C class--please!

Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture: Riva Lehrer
Monday, April 11, 7:30-9 pm
Co-presented with Disability Studies

Westminster House Common Room
2315 College Ave, 2nd Floor (at Bancroft Way)

Art Practice and Disability Studies are pleased to present the final
Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture of the 2010-11 academic year. Riva
Lehrer is a Chicago-based painter, teacher and writer who has lived with
spina bifida since birth. For Lehrer, the disabled body is intensely
beautiful, memorable, unexpected, and lived in with great self-awareness.
These are not bodies that are taken for granted or left unexplored. This
beauty has often stayed unseen despite the constant, invasive public
stare. Disability is complex; it demands images that combine hard facts
with unexpected gifts.

Lehrer has lived and exhibited in Chicago since 1980. She has had solo
exhibitions at the Lafayette Museum of Art, the Ch…

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