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thebodpoe Spring 2016 update

The body poetik is an intimacy coaching service as well as a public awareness effort to foster healthy sensuality (whether this includes sexuality or inspired erotic style) for all bodies and orientations. One of my biggest challenges in doing this work in Florida has been a lack of commonly used language. For instance, the term "sex positive" was coined by the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the last century and it has, in recent decades, been used widely,  across the U.S. to talk about how to have safer sex, how to change the culture of sexual abuse, how to change tired media stereotypes about who is and isn't worthy of sexual attention. It has also been used to describe communities that are welcoming of LGBTQ folks or folks who cannot necessarily access sexuality in the same way as others, such as people with physical or cognitive disabilities. In general, the sex positive school of thought sees sexuality as a natural, human right and seeks to debunk harmful myths an

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