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Autumn for falling, gliding, moving with W2C

Autumn is replete with skeleton imagery--from the funny, caricatured, glow-in-the-dark bones of a Halloween costume to the ornate and joyous depictions in Dia de Los Muertos alters and festivals. The light! The fire! Sometimes, with seasonal shifts, my rheumatoid arthritis flares. RA is not your granny's arthritis, mind you. It begins in youth as an autoimmune disorder and chronic inflammation burns away cartilage. Without cartilaginous padding, bones grind together, grow spurs, become unhinged, knees or wrists or all joints simply stop moving altogether. For years, I thought my fascination with skeletons was rather morbid, but now I realize I identify with them! Since I am always aware of my bones grinding together, I am always reminded of the fact that I am a skeleton. Here is a skeletal college Assembled and pasted into my journal when I was trying to do some writing about a knee surgery I had. I eventually wrote the story--it turned into a longer, fictional pie

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