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Paul E. Gavin and REVolutions Dance

The following is a newsletter I wrote for VSA FL artist members. Besides being a great freelance gig, this VSA newsletter gives me the excuse to go out and meet interesting artists with disabilities across Florida Apropos, Winter 2013 Conversation, at it's best, is a kind of dance or musical score. I have interviewed many disabled artists, thinkers and doers in the past-but I always felt bound to hurriedly scribbling down their ideas in my notebook. As a low vision writer/reporter, it never occurred to me to really use technology to accommodate myself-even though I was an assistive tech counselor in previous jobs! So this time, when I sat down to talk with two performers who also have disabilities, I used a recording app on my digital tablet and speech-to-text features, so that I could keep my hands free and listen with my whole body. I hope a little bit of the dance in our conversations comes through in these Q & A's. --Amber DiPietra Paul E.

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