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Comma Sutra: your sacrum in an electric sentence

A body poetics workshop for getting in touch with your own unique sensuality through poems, songs, lit fragments, anecdotes, some meditation, breath work, and other quirky hybrid improv stuff. Your sacrum is your root chakra, the tip of your tail bone, you anchor and drive. Poetics is not words and lines, but pulse and sensation. Let's explore. This workshop can take many directions depending upon participant expectations and interests, so bring your sensual, poetic hopes and intentions! Find out more about me at I am a poet, performance artist and CA-certified sexological bodyworker. People of all ages (18 and up), shapes, sizes, genders, and orientations welcome! Artsy-types of all kinds welcome (not just poets) Bodyworkers too...! Starts August 16th, 3:30pm at Wilson's Book World . $10 suggested donation.

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