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thebodpoe Winter 2015: Sex Positive in ATL, Disability & Desirability, Sexological Bodywork in the News, Polyamory in the Tampa Bay Area

In October, I went to Hotlanta, GA and had an amazing time at the Sex Down South conference.  This gathering of minds and hearts explored policies, practices, ethics, and creative strategies around positive sexuality and body-acceptance in our culture. Sex therapists, alternative healers, porn stars, vendors of sex toys, feminists, experts on spinal cord injury and sex life, burlesque entertainers, academics, people opening up their marriages to ethical non-monogamy, and so many more sorts of folks were there. The focus was on the role of women and female-identified people of color in the sexual health and personal growth professions.  Here is a photo of SDS organizers, Marla Stewart and Tia Marie with keynote Tristan Taormino [photo from their Sex Down South Facebook page ]. This was a historical gathering for the South...these types of conferences usually happen on the West Coast. Having the conference in Atlanta was a chance to focus on the mores and traditions that complicate but c

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