the bod poe in 2021

  Not knowing when the dawn will come/ I open every door --Emily Dickinson As we leave 2020 behind--the year of a global pandemic, Covid deaths, job loss, isolation, racist murders and the uprisings that have followed, an election season that has revealed how truly divided the US is--I am grateful for the doors that have opened in this terrible time, hopeful entryways into 2021 While people were social distancing and staying in quarantine, I was finding that I had more access to work, friendship, art practice, and activism than I had ever had before. The culture of Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms necessitated by Covid has created these openings. As a person with multiple physical disabilities that make it difficult and riskier for me to navigate the built environment, I can now attend gatherings or join meetings whether or not it is safe to take an Uber, whether or not accessible public transit exists, on days when my remaining eyesight is extremely blurred due to illness, and


"It wasn't Paris, but it passed the time." This morning. I had my usual Bustelo (altho the light, the darkness, I'm sure the owners of this food co. are Latino Republicans) but also now I've totally switched to instant which is tasty enough in #Cuban espresso form. — amber dipietra (@thebodypoetik) September 22, 2020 from Twitter September 22, 2020 at 01:19PM via IFTTT

Disability and Sexuality Access Network Visioning Meeting

Join us on Sep 23, 2020 08:00 PM EST via Zoom for our first DASAN visioning meeting about what DASAN can be as a collective. I co-founded this organization with my colleague Cassandra Perry. How can we lift the voices of artists, activists, researchers, educators and others working at the intersection of disability justice and sexual freedom? How can we strengthen our networks, tackle access issues together, create more paths to development, and how can we give peer support to each other? If you have not already signed up, click here to RSVP or contact us with any questions at

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