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Maria Bamford’s suggestion for not finding the Bedt therapist (and I mean, if a famous comedian can’t do it...)”Or, just find someone sorta good. And geographically close to you. And takes insurance.” @deathsexmoney — amber dipietra (@thebodypoetik) March 14, 2020 from Twitter March 14, 2020 at 01:05AM via IFTTT


In the Orlando Weekly yesterday! — amber dipietra (@thebodypoetik) March 6, 2020 from Twitter March 05, 2020 at 10:22PM via IFTTT

Process is Product with Open/Space Collective, St. Petersburg FL Museum of Fine Arts

Process is Product is a multi-tiered creative project involving 4 dancers/performance artists from across a diverse spectrum of age, race, gender, and (dis) abilities who will work together, improvising and thinking about improvisation in relation to performance in a museum setting. This project takes its inspiration from the ballet  Jeux d’Enfants (Children’s Games) , with Joan Miro’s contributing design work to the ballet on view in the MFA’s exhibition  Art of the Stage: Picasso to Hockney . Come see the art, and watch the inspired performance! The artists will re-imagine children’s games by taking up residency in the MFA on 4 prior “open process” workshop days to execute predetermined improvisational practices, utilizing various public spaces in the museum. By observing how these improvisational practices gently engage with museum visitors and noting any persuasive, “game–like” responses, the dancers will develop movement material to be incorporated into future “open process”

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