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Bodywork is usually defined as a hands-on somatic practice like Reiki or massage or as an embodied practice like yoga. Bodywork is incredibly transformative, but often not accessible to people with disabilities. Here, I play with this word resonate with art work and to mean the work we do for, on, and through our bodies, to survive, to create, to heal, and to connect. 

[Art by Gabriel Anthony aka Lady Tron]

In addition to being an artist, educator, and community organizer, I am a Certified Sexological Body Worker and intimacy coach. I believe that sexuality is a fundamental human right and sexual expression is vital to one's health and creativity in life. Many adults with disabilities and chronic illness are cut off from having healthy sex lives due to social and structural barriers and due to their own internalized oppression (shame). I support these folx in finding their pleasure.  Likewise, a society that sees sex only in "able-bodied" terms remains uneducated about the full spectrum of intimate connection. I want a world that is smarter, more imaginative, and more open-hearted when it comes to sexual expression.

As a certified sexological body worker, I combine hands-on practices (like massage and Reiki), body  and masturbation witnessing, and guided awareness exercises to help my clients access the kind of sexual vitality they desire.

As an intimacy coach, I help you create research projects to further your sexual journey. This includes books and articles, writing or art exercises, experience experiments, and lots of one-on-one conversation.  During these sessions, I can also offer some resource and systems support around disability rights and disability access issues as well as best practices for communicating with doctors and documenting your health concerns.

It's important to understand that I am using a wide definition of "sexuality" and this may not mean the act of sex to every person.  My focus is always on sensuality--finding pleasure, beauty, connection, and a sense of aliveness through one's senses. And yes, there are way more than 5! 

Please note, I am a life coach, but not a licensed mental health practitioner. My experience comes from many years of working in social services, as a disability advocate, and as a CSB. I am also multiply disabled. You can read more about me here.

Oil on canvas, nude pale body of a woman floats in blue0green, an orange octopus tentacle above her, her face detached from her body and in profile looking away,  3 small hooded figures with scythes in the lower right-hand corner.
[Art by Jan Van Swearingen]

I work in-person in the Tampa Bay Area and I visit the San Francisco Bay Area a few times a year to see clients.  I'm always available via virtual sessions (Zoom, Skype, and other platforms). It is also possible that we can begin our work virtually and then arrange for a travel package with in-person sessions.

I'm happy to talk with you before our first session to find out if this is right for you. You can call me for a free 15 minute phone consult.  415-867-1124. Best to text ahead.

If you decide to schedule a session, it is helpful if you can complete this questionnaire.  It's OK if you don't want to fill out all the questions. We will go over the rest during our first session. 

Rates for the Tampa Bay Area differ from my rates in other areas. We can discuss.

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