Write To Connect at Self-Reliance, an Independent Living Center in Tampa, Florida

Over Labor Day weekend, I visited my family in Tampa and got the chance to offer a W2C workshop for Self-Reliane. Many thanks to Isabel Gonzalez and the staff at Self-Reliance for bringing together a dynamic group of south Floridians with disabilities for my workshop.

The focus of this workshop was observation and collaboration. Most of the students knew each other as colleagues, peer counselors and clients. New questions and insights unfolded as folks went around the table introducing themselves to me. I asked students to take notes on how everyone intorduced themselves, to try and notice something they had not yet noticed in the time that they had known each other. Then, folks paired up and practiced writing each other as characters or poems. We had blue ribbon tatting and Lynnard Skynnard, hurricanes in Puerto Rico as a metaphor for the storms of chronic illness, taxi cab robberies in New York, and gourmet cooking for C4 chefs. 

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