W2C for the Winter: Veteran's Art Guild and One-on-One Palmetry Sessions

I am moving in to full time work at the Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, which comes with increased responsibilities and new opportunities to build programs that support folks as they transition out of nursing homes or endeavor to find new assistive tech gadgets to help with every day life. In line with that, I am putting W2C on a semi-hibernation, so that I make sure I am getting my rest (a key component for somatic writers...).

But, by semi-hibernation, I really mean just intermittent naps for W2C. As autumn turns to winter, expect to hear more about a W2C class being offered to the Veterans Art Guild (an artist collective for vets with PTSD and other disabilities) and W2C classes at different venues very near to downtown Berkeley BART.

My hope for the coming months is also to turn W2C toward my palmetry practice, "to experiment with narration as a mode of light touch" (Bhanu Kapil). I will offer one-on-one creative writing sessions that double as energy work and a personal guided meditation/palm reading of where you can go with/how to unfold into your writing. For these sessions, I can arrange to come to you.

If you are interested, send me an email.

Happy restful, incubatory autumn to everyone!

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