Humboldt State University, CRGS students and a new niche for disability culture

This post is so very long overdue! In late October, I did a reading from my book of collaborative poetry at Humboldt State University. My collaborator, Denise Leto, also a woman with a disability, has a friend who teaches  at HSU. This friend--Janet Winston--started out as a grant writer for the Special Olympics and now lectures on Virginia Woolf at HSU and piles on extra blankets and feeds me at all hours of the night when she is hosting. I am so grateful to Janet and Christina (another professor with a disability at HSU) and to all the students from the Critical Race, Gender and  Sexuality Studies dept who hosted Denise and I. The CRGS students shared their work in an open mic format after D. and I read. Much of what they offered focused on hidden disabilities and mental health issues. These CRGS students are stirring up a new niche of disability culture in Humboldt. Their writing was very exciting  Here are a couple examples:

Elizabeth Hassler

Fuck you, and I am waiting
for the magical mood swing fairy to click her heteronormative heels together
so I can have procreative sex.
(Anger is a dish best served in hopelessly
idiosyncratic verse, so
people don't have to pretend to understand it.)

I have a case of the Mondays, only
Monday is every day systems decide to be violent
and right now is Thursday at midnight. Fuck
normalizing this: someone else put on my bra this morning,
and my life is not like yours.

Read more on her FB page.

Alonso Arballo


I'm in a drug induced psychosis, in a writhe of psychotic narcosis inducing illusions of palatine delusions. Swoon spirits emulate a loon within a carousel of mutating habits. From an armature of extinction injecting fallacies of epinephrine epitomizing the signals through my synapses. I'm in a raw predaceous mind-set armament through manipulation of synthetic signals through my cranium. My pretentious perceptions see you, feel you like braille. The pattern prevails over my wailing senses. From an inebriating trellis of elixir, I have trepidations of my chemical vices and predilections. I'm indurated to nuture a parasite exorcising an armistice with peons who indite braggarts of ignorances and irrelevant messes. I synchronize and calculate palatial predictions to cast a trawl of premontions, but because I'm a victualler with zephyrs of my yanqui zaniness with my vicissitude of unprincipled vilification from my xanadu. Aria zounds form a vicinage of unreedemable history of people with dialogues of sophist adversaries. My philosophical majestic mastery of logic and rhetoric is a superconscious evolution that evokes epilogues of immortal publications with entities inflaming molten cesspools slushing plooms of sulfuric damnation. Brimstone thunders through slander to form a plagiarism of platonic idealism ensuring venomous breeds of clones duplicating images and imaginations subliminally implanted by propaganda stirring in a concoction of systematic enslavement to orchestrate their collection of currency overseeing revenues of illuminati. Their treachery is trickery taught with tardy thoughts from absent cohesions of cognition. They elaborate to manifest our destiny in an abstract infestation to congregate imperial hoards of heathens to propagate: colonization exercising charters of dominion endangering and erasing our symbiosis and our way of living with malice and wicked intentions dictating a parameter of possibilities arranged and composed in plans to symbolize their ideals. They create architects of blasphemy; oligarchy. I educate the masses to see through their silk and smoke screens. It is through the apex of self not by the means of wealth that we find true meaning to existence, so discard their refutations as they are lost in translation. Lay your own foundations to the truth, seek and ye shall find all the answers to the riddles. Develop the critical powers of your mind. You have the greatest impact and influence to your being. Let your entity enter an eternity of enlightenment. No greed, no strife. Help those in need with a heart of compassion. Experience euphoric endowments and endeavors of a supreme being. Discover your importance: know your mission; know your purpose!

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