Cristina Carrasquillo, documentary poetics, dance

“no sensation on skin”
“no movement”
“…do you remember”
“no reflex on knees”

These quotes, I imagine, were spoken by a doctor at the time of cervical cord injury, They are an intro into Cristina Carrasquillo's return to blogging. Cristina wrote to me today to say she has started to blog again. A dancer with quadriplegia, a social justice activist--Cristina is a vibrant figure in the disability arts community. Read her blog at And, check out an article I wrote about her at Proyecto Vision      
 [Photo by Zoe Christopher]
I like the way Cristina uses quotes from her lived experience to begin blogging again. This is what I would call documentary poetics. If you are interested in working with the documents of your life (medical jargon, emails, pivotal words at major life events), please contact me about a Write To Connect class. I can work with you to shape your memories and documents into something new or, into an authentic record of your experiences. You can also contact me about a Palmetry session (similar to energy work or Reiki), in which we can sit together and find healing through touch--towards new expression for the words we carry or the words we seek., 415 867 1124. 

Very sliding scale, pay-what-you-can for the disability community.

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