Write To Connect at St. Pete Zinefest

I was so excited to find out that there was a St. Pete Zinefest!  Zines are tangible, low-key, simple but intricate, D.I.Y, portable pieces of written or drawn art. To me, zines are a perfect bridge between the body and writing. Here I am, all packed up to have a table at last Saturday's zinefest. I was going to use my massage table and offer poetic bodywork sessions, but the rain ruled that part out. (Though it did get me to thinking about having a booth at the Saturday Market with some such an offering.) Yes--that is a glitter-enhanced shot glass, yes--that is my new "doctor" bag with my very old owl amulet (shout-out to Candice, giver of enduring gifts), yes--that is the $5 zodiac Samsonite suitcase/stage from a thrift store in Berkeley that I made my mom and Arti Glove lug across the country.

 The night begins.

Here's my table,  with a range of offerings from my ongoing trifold projects and some older publications.

The Black Panthers advanced the popularity of acupuncture in the West? Who knew? I got to table next to zinefest sponsor St. Pete Community Acupuncture (Greg, thank you!) This felt like special serendipity--another bridge between bodywork/wellness and art.

Mitzi of the fabulous arm warmers--she runs the Bluebird Book Bus. It's part mobile bookstore, installation space, cultural venue. Find her at the Seminole Heights Market and here.

The Free Skoolers! "St. Petersburg Free Skool is a community project working to fill a perceived gap in the St. Petersburg area by encouraging self-reliance, critical consciousness, and personal development. A free skool is a decentralized network in which skills, information, and knowledge are shared without hierarchy or the institutional environment of formal schooling" Look for a free W2C class at Free Skool soon!

View from behind my suitcase, with peacock feathers.

This charming lady bought a chapbook from me!

Kelly Steele (left) who put on zinefest. Aka, Kelly the Owl and her Tell Me a Story project.

This guy is a proud luddite/OG zinester who this made a zine about making zines! No computers involved!

This guy is my boyfriend who was helping me navigate the bathroom at zinefest. Mobility issues and punk rock toilets don't mix. That being said, I adore this bathroom.

Being in love with this lamp.

Short girl's view of the band.

So, yeah--zinefest was hosted by The Venture Compound, which is a gallery, insallation and performance art space in a warehouse not far from downtown St. Pete. Tis is, absolutely, my new favorite space in St. Pete. When I moved to San Francisco in 2002, I had the sinking feeling that I had missed a golden era of gritty, accessible (affordable, non-intimidating) art parties. I certainly never felt cool enough to go to warehouse art parties when I lived in SF--though I did have amazing times there in other ways.  What I am trying to say that TVC is my new/old San Francisco, the best part I never got to have. I hope to do a Write To Connect event there soon. And, maybe import some disability arts events to that space as well.

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