I’m starting a virtual peer support group for people with disabilities…

 Hi all, I recently found out about a new Internet platform called  Forum that is making it possible for peer counselors to offer various groups. Here is what I am offering! People who choose to join the group will pay a monthly fee, but there are various levels of discount for folks on disability, etc., Please help me spread the word. This web platform was started by a doctor whose father suffered severe burns as a child and went through life feeling very isolated by the disfigurement and disabilities he sustained. So, when Forum.s cofounder, his son, realized becoming a doctor was not enough to help his father heal,  he started looking at the strength of peer support groups and now here we are. It’s a great passion project story. Here is the link to join my group, Live Well with Disability.  Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.  https://app.joinforum.com/partnergrouppage/live-well-with-disability-gpid1535

Image description: The flyer has a block of text that reads as follows; Join a peer support group aimed at uplifting disabled peers through close listening and thoughtful conversation. Explore topics like disability rights, the evolving role of disability culture, and advocating for oneself in various settings. Share personal experiences and co-create strategies for living well and finding joy despite the challenges of disability and chronic illness. The image next to the text on this flyer is a close-up of a woman wearing heavy eye make up and lipstick with a big smile. She has one visibly blind eye, and another eye that is visibly impaired. She is Latinx with dark hair.

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