Monday W2C Workshop at the Community Living Campaign

Thanks to Marie Jobling and the Community Living Campaign for inviting me to teach a Write To Connect workshop at the Valencia Gardens Computer Center. 

One of CLC's projects focuses on helping seniors build community  by teaching them social media skills.  them social networking skills. One class attendee told me, "Facebook is boring! I want to have real conversations, not just hear someone say 'I baked a cake!' Woo-hoo."

So--I took two seemingly boring,  even unsavory hobbies, and made them the center of my class. Pigeons and snails. That's right. We read from hybrid memoirs about a pigoen fancier whose wife dies of cancer and a woman dealing with chronic illness while observing the life of a snail in a pot of violets beside her bed. I used these hybrid memoirs  to give the workshop attendees ideas as to how to forge an authentic voice through everyday interests. We alos mediated, did some journaling and had some very amusing conversaitons about political rants on list servs gone awry, how to write about dog walking and cloud watching in a way that is not corny, and reflections on the statue of The Banker's Heart in downtown San Francisco.

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