Intimacy workshops at the LightHouse for the Blind

My friend Courtney Mazzola--somatic-psychotherapist-in-training and established bodyworker--in partnership with Senya Hawkins, is offering these workshops at the LightHouse. This is a much-needed workshop in the disability community and it also relates to W2C, in my mind. Intimacy, receiving and giving intimacy, is a huge part of somatic writing. It affects our ability to be in love with the page, with our practice as writers and the body from which we write, out, toward others. I encourage folks to sign up! Also, check out Courtney's blog at

A Lighthouse ‘Love and Intimacy’ Workshop Series

Building Meaningful Relationships
A Lighthouse ‘Love and Intimacy’ Workshop Series

How can love turn into dependence? When is my partner helping too much? Does my partner love me because I depend on their help? These questions will be discussed at the Lighthouse during the second installment of the ‘Building Meaningful Relationships’ workshop series, Navigating Love & Intimacy.
Adults 18 and over are invited to plunge into the world of love and intimacy. The ‘Building Meaningful Relationships’ workshop series is guided by blind professional therapists, counselors and psychologists;  these workshops fill a much-requested need we hear from our community.  And we expect to break some new ground!
Our first workshop installment, Flirting While Blind, sparked much enthusiasm and interest for more in-depth discussion and sharing of ideas to help us connect better with people who we want to get to know more intimately. The second workshop of the series, Navigating Love & Intimacy, will focus on the ways in which disability and dependence can affect relationships. We will discuss the ways that we in the visually impaired community experience and manage feelings of helplessness, attachment, and dependence, while giving and receiving help lovingly. We will present techniques to both increase awareness of and address over-dependence and over-helping in relationships. In addition, we will discuss strategies for navigating the pitfalls of isolation, shame, and fear that many of us encounter. Visually impaired individuals, couples, and couples with mixed abilities are all encouraged to come and share their experiences. Although ‘Building Meaningful Relationships’ is a workshop series devoted to intimate love relationships, many of the skills presented will be useful for all types of relationships. This second workshop is for all adults 18 and up, whether single or already in a relationship.
Whether this will be your first time or you are a returning participant, come and enjoy some good food, enlightening conversation, and to learn about Navigating Love & Intimacy
We just ask that you RSVP by November, 7th to Senya Hawkins at or telephone him at 415-367-5501 for more information.
This workshop is free of charge.  Voluntary donations of $5.00 to $15.00 are welcome and encouraged for those who are able.
When? Saturday November 12th 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm,
Where else?  The Lighthouse SF headquarters. 214 Van Ness at Grove, San Francisco

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