"Peach-encrusted hearts", waterbirds, and Poetry in Motion class from W2C/Nancy Yates

Even though I am currently having some new health challenges, great abundance is afoot. I reconnected with my yoga teacher from LightHouse for the Blind. Nancy Yates adapts her yoga classes for seniors, veterans and all sorts of folks in the disability community. She has started offering sessions in my neighborhood--at the Ed Roberts Campus.

As soon as I walked into Nancy's class, I was filled with new light. She always speaks of our "peach encrusted hearts". Hers is most certainly goldeny-coral topaz.

Nancy and Write To Connect (me!) have made plans to team up and offer a 2 hour Saturday workshop for Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program. It will be held March 24 at the ERC fitness center and we are calling it Poetry in Motion. There will be yoga exercises, poetry read aloud and embodied writing exercises.

W2C may also be collaborating with friend Mg Roberts, a Bay Area writer and mom-extraordinaire. Mg and I would like to create writing classes for parents of special needs kids. Here is a photo of Mg's\daughter Lucille Osprey. Baby L. read some poems while her mom received an energy work session from me. I love to have my studio graced by a baby waterbird.

While you are here, check out my new Palmetry page. It includes a description of the energy work I offer. Thanks so much to my friend Shawn Amos and Fluid Social Marketing for these lovely hand photos.

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