The Heidi Latsky Dance company presents GIMP.  

HLD's mission statement reflects a lot of what what I mean when I talk about embodied writing through Write To Connect classes, how to bring the body into the writing and the writing into the body, especially the non conventional body or the body/mind that is processes radical changes in healht or ability.

HLD envisions a society where:
all bodies are recognized as viable, fascinating and expressive instruments;difference is upheld, not feared;increased understanding and communication take the place of isolation, alienation and lack of contact;people learn to "live in" their own skin and do not detach from their bodies because of external and internally assimilated judgments and conventional standards;one is encouraged to "own" one's body, value it and use it to be expressive and truthful in ways that are empowering, enriching and unique;
Watch a trailer for GIMP here:

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