Wine and Redefine with W2C in January 2014

There's a lot of buzz about the nightlife in downtown St. Petersburg. There are funky dives, upscale gastro pubs, hipster hang-outs, punk bars, drag show venues, dance clubs, galleries, and day -time street festivals. But maybe you don't have a lot of going-out type friends or you just haven't figured out how you want to be part of the pulse of this creative, urban area. Perhaps you've heard of places like Painting with a Twist--studio lounges where you can be social over cocktails and have fun painting on canvases like a kid or would-be master. This kind of socializing-meets-art-project really tends to open things up for people. Well, Write To Connect's answer to that is Wine and Refine.

Wine and Redefine is a fun night out, sipping vino and experimenting with words. Our starting point will be keeping journals--if only as a springboard for conversation about our creative impulses and as a way to share our lives, stories, funny daily thoughts, and more. Who knows--maybe this little social arts project will lead you to redefine goals, dreams, interests, and friendships.

We will get together once a week, for 4 weeks in January--most likely on a Friday or Saturday evening. Bring a notebook, a bottle of wine, and an open mind.

Having just moved here from San Francisco, I am working on building community. And my journaling project involves my goal to reinvent myself as a "slo-mo burlesque" dancer.

We will meet on the gorgeous roof deck of my downtown St. Petersburg condo and watch the sunset as we sip from our glasses and experiment with our journals. It is located right off the interstate exit--a block away from USF St. Pete. If group members are interested, my place is just blocks from bars and restaurants on Central Ave, so we can always reconvene after class, to continue our night.

What I mean when I say "journaling"
You might choose to bring a laptop if your version of a journal is a blog you are keeping. Journals can can be anything--little repositories to meditate on bucket lists, online photo diaries, scrapbooks with glue and pasted images. I will lead us in lively exercies to keep the journaling juices going and we will take time to share from our journals, laugh, give suggestions, and just have fun. W2C classes always have an embodied aspect, so expect some meditation, guided imagery and my brand of  palm readings. 

Who you should be to join this participatory arts experience
Yourself! You don't need to be someone who has ever kept a journal in the past. You don't have to like wine! You should just be someone who is looking to meet cool people, enjoy nightlife in a different way,  and explore authentic creative outlets. If you don't foresee yourself continuing to keep a journal after the class, no worries--it is just an experiment!

As a person with a disability, I am always interested in including others with disabilities into my workshops--to increase social opportunities. If you have a physical disability and cannot climb stairs (there are a few steps to the roof deck), please let me know ahead of time and I will happily make other arrangements! There are some other nice options nearby.

$15 per class, $60 for the four weeks. Plus, the bottle of wine you bring. Personally, as a long-time California wine country visitor with no money (I am a poet, folks), I like Cheap, good wines with cute names--so nothing fancy is needed.

Contact me ASAP!
Call or email to RSVP, so I can get our schedule of evenings all set up. Can't wait to drink and dream with you above the city skyline.  415 867 1124

About me
I am a poet, performance artist, occasional social worker, and bodyworker who just relocated from San Francisco. Currently I am writing a faux memoir channeled through color, seeing bodywork clients, dancing with a local modern dance troupe and trying to not be so much of a night-owl, barfly. You can Facebook stalk me if it encourages you to join the class! Read my bio and CV on the blog sidebar..

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