Eva Blake explains everything about why I went to San Francisco to get certified in sexological bodywork.

This comedian lady at Portland's version of TEDTalks explains Exactly what it felt like when I was at sex school in San Francisco this April. She also helps me out of the rut I have been in since last week, when a very artsy, zany red-headed naked lady came up to me at Caliente (where supposedly, I was might find a welcoming community of clients and fellow explorers). This lady looked at my flyers for intro to sex bod classes, laughed and said, "Oh honey, I already know how to masturbate." The rut wash;t about her misconception, but my failure to articulate how much and more and how much less it was then that, the zen of it.

Eva says

"I wanted to know what was beyond this place [...] I had come to this class for erotic embodiment [...] throwing myself off the cliff of sexual vulnerability [...]"
And she explains why poetry, or stand-up, or artful telling, is the hilarious, strange, beautiful moment of orgasm and failure and being alive.

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