Betty Dodson on Orgasms as a path to self-knowledge and awareness

One of my clients is a senior citizen who had a decades' long letter-writing friendship with Betty Dodson. Today, he trudged 7 blocks from his parking space to my apartment with boxes full of books by Dodson and others--he donated his collection to The Body Poetik! As for Dodson, she is a world-renowned sex educator and pro-sex feminist who started educating women in the early 60's. So honored that R. brought a little Betty into my studio!

Here, Betty (who is now in her mid-80's and has a live in 20-something Russian lover) talks about Knowing Thyself, owning your solo orgasm.

Not sure how to own it, do it, say it, ask for it, stop putting off pleasure? The Body Poetik can help!

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